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Osaka Marathon 2017

Osaka marathon 2017

2:13:41 2nd place

I just hung on the pack in the beginning. I already felt my legs were heavy then. At the 15k the pack was consisted of only 4 guys, me and 4 Eritrean guys. Then I already started feeling uncomfortable.

After the 20k I made a decision to go for my own pace. Once I dropped to 3 rd position. I just kept saying to myself "I'm the strongest guy. I'm still able to beat that guy". I got a good rhythm again after the 25k. The situation of the race was getting harder and harder to me. But I kept believing that I was able to catch the guy after the 30k and tried to focus on my race. I had done everything to prepare well for this race for several months. I believed that there's nothing to be nervous or worry.

Until the moment I crossed the finish line, I stayed positive to do my best. But when I crossed the finish line, my real emotion spilled out of my mind : I really wanted to win the race and run much faster than the real time. I felt bad about the result.

But after sleeping one night, I didn't care the result anymore. I'm staying positive because I got the base line and now I know how I feel with marathon preparation and marathon itself. I learned something from this marathon and I already have some ideas to improve my preparation for marathon. I can go forward from here!!

So now I'm happy and very looking forward to next marathon and training!!