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Supplements for chronic injuries

Although you should consider your diet first, taking supplements is also a good idea. When right diet is combined with supplements, the chronic pains become less.

Why supplements get pains less and which kind of supplements?

First of all, when you have chronic injuries, your body should fight against oxidative stress. All damaged skeletal muscles should be repaired at least in three months. And usually you will see improvements in two weeks. But if it takes longer than two months, you should think that the cells don’t regenerate in a proper way, in other words, you have nekrosis. Nekrosis is cells’ regenerating in a wrong way. Damaged cells are reborn as a damaged cell. That’s why mostly you see no improvements in your pain. This phenomenon is caused by localized oxidative stress and ischemia. A worse thing is, nekrosis itself causes also oxidative stress. So it’s really complicated to heal it.

Or I would say that your pain is already healed substantially. You don’t need to feel a pain anymore. But your cells don’t agree with you and makes a pain. After you constantly feel a pain, your sensitive nerve system changes and as a result, your nerve system becomes more sensitive. And also your brain makes inflammation in the affected area to promote the healing system. Once your brain makes inflammation there, your more sensitive nerve system than usual feels a pain and send warn signal to your brain, and your brain makes inflammation there to promote the healing process. Same things are going on and on. That’s why you feel no rescue in the world.

This kind of pain which is a pain after it’s healed is called whiplash.

So here’s two things what you might want to consider with your supplyments.

1. Anti-inflammation

2. Anti-oxidants

In terms of anti-inflammation, I recommend you to take MSM and curcumin supplements.


Curcumin would be the strongest natural anti-inflammatory in the world. Curcumin is contained in turmeric. It’s known as a spice of curry. Sine Indian people eat curry more than other countries, they are less likely to get cancer. When you choose a curcumin supplement, you should choose one which is contained black pepper extract (piperin). It promotes curcumin to be absorbed in your body.

As a matter of fact, I highly recommend you to take raw turmeric root powder. But the problem is that most of people don’t get used to its taste. That’s why not many people can have it as much as they want.

Practically speaking, you better take curcumin supplements. It has also good anti-oxidative effect.

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