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36 k moderate run, 5 weeks remain till the Osaka Marathon!

36k moderate run with good negative splits : 17:45 17:36 17:21 17:34 17:12 17:12 16:59 3:21 Total 2:05:03

I'm getting ready for the Osaka Marathon which is held 26 th November. But I tried to run enough slow with as relaxed and smooth as possible running style.

Because I till remember the mistake that I made when I prepared for the Hannover Marathon. When I stood the start line, I felt

to be ready and strong. But I already felt something was wrong at the first Kilometer point. My legs started quitting to respond gradually and finally I dropped out.

What happens? I thought I made a good preparation for the Hannover Marathon. But the truth is that I killed myself in training already. As a result, when I stood on the start line, my body had no more energy. I was disappointed very much. But that was a very good lesson to me. And even that was good

luck to me because that was my first marathon and I'm still young. I can fix it next time.

That's why this time I'm trying not to kill myself in training. Of course somehow hard workouts are important to get me ready for running 2:10. But it doesn't mean that I should make an all out workout every time.

Also I learned that doing just easy or hard