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An athlete and his supporter begin an website together

Hello everybody. I am Murakami Keiki and a friend of Ikegami Hideyuki.

From now on, I begin our blog to cheer him up and follow his career as a marathoner. First of all I will introduce myself.

In this blog, we want to share the process that Ikegami learns marathon to make a right decision and win a marathon someday.

Profile: Murakami Keiki Birthday : 8th Oct 1993, now 6th grade in Ritsumeikan University in pharmacy department

"Sports x Pharmacy make people healthy"

-To be a supporter as a sports pharmacist who nobody can take place.

This is my idea and I am aiming at being a sports pharmacist with this idea.

In the field of sports and pharmacy, I will support athletes, especially Ikegami, with the key concept "anti-doping". But of course other than as a pharmacist, I want to support athletes.

What I did so far

1. September 2015

I made a speech about sports and pharmacy at Kansai supporters' meeting. (Other presenters were a representative of Japan women's ultimate team, a sports nutritionist, a soccer journalist and a sports enterpriser)

2. August 2016

I went to Rio as a member of Rio de Janeiro olympic project team and investigated water quality, promoted Japanese culture, etc.

3. S