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The best cost performance of fixing chronic plantar faschiitis

It’s not easy to fix plantar fasciitis and that becomes chronic very easily. I really know about it because I had been suffering from plantar faschiitis for three years. I’m a professional marathoner and have wanted to run without any pains. That’s why I had been seeking out how to fix plantar faschiitis very seriously. And finally I became an injury free runner.

The causation of chronic plantar fasciitis is mainly following two :

1. You have trigger points somewhere.

2. You have cross-linked adhesion somewhere.

Even if you have a pain in plantar faschia, it’s not a rare case that plantar faschia is already healed and trigger points in your calf, hamstrings or hip caused a pain in plantar faschia. This phenomenon is called whiplash. Whiplash means a pain after healing it. If you have a pain for a long time, the nerve system and pain receptors change and that’s why you keep feeling a pain.

If you have chronic plantar faschiitis, you also have low level chronic inflammation, ischemia and localized lack of oxygen. All it is caused by trigger points. Once trigger points are built, blood doesn’t flow as it goes in a normal way. That means oxygen and nutrients don’t go to the place. But our cells know how to survive without enough oxygen and nutrients. The gene expression of cells change, reborn in a wrong way which is called nekrosis and make low level chronic inflammation. In this way the cells which cannot get enough oxygen and nutrients can survive. But it causes a pain and degenerative tissues. Finally, the damaged tissues give up healing and become cross-linked adhesions.

For these reasons, there are mainly two ways to fix plantar faschiitis :

1. To get rid of trigger points

2. To get rid of cross-linked adhesions

The way of getting rid of trigger points and cross-linked adhesions is very simple. But it’s scotoma for most of people. You have been suffering for plantar faschiitis for a long time and seeking out a miracle cure. But unfortunately there’s no miracle cure for chronic plantar faschiitis.

All you need to do is putting pressure on your trigger points with some tools and scraping technique. Did you already do these things many times and it didn’t work? Yes I understand your opinion and I can guess your complaining.

This is one of my favorite tool for trigger points therapy.

The point is that you should do trigger points therapy several times a day with short time like 5-10 minutes on one spot and every day. That’s the biggest scotoma for most of you. At least you should do trigger points therapy 3 times a day and if possible 5-6 times a day. All it should be moderate. You should feel some pains but at the same time the pain should not be uncomfortable or too much.